1. 27.9.2013, 13:00–18:00
      Discovery Mini-conference: ‘There is accounting for tastes’

    2. Discovery Festival Rotterdam will take place at the 27th of September 2013 in the Erasmus MC Education Center and Museumpark in Rotterdam. The public-scientific conference will be organised in collaboration with The New Institute, in occasion of the World Food Festival.

    3. We will start examining food from a physiological perspective, after which the conference will continue with the design of taste, our evolutionary preference for sugar and fat and lifestyle and health from young till old. Topics of discussion include, if you can learn how to taste, how to make the choice for conscious and healthy food, why an unhealthy lifestyle is attractive and what is the good way to do grocery shopping after this conference.

      Participants of this mini-conference are scientists, taste designers, doctors and representatives of the food industry. But also the consumer who is interested in food and wants to learn more about the design of it, so he can make a conscious decision what to eat.  

      13.00-16.00 hrs: Mini-conference, Auditorium, The New Institute, Museumpark 25 Rotterdam
      16.00-18.00 hrs: Guided tours
      18.00-20.00 hrs: Diner, Future Food House, Museumpark Rotterdam

      Host: Froukje Jansen
      13.00 hrs: Welcome with a drink
      13.30 hrs: Start presentations of two keynote speakers (English spoken)
      • ‘Key ingredients of health and ageing’, Oscar Franco Duran, epidemiologist at the Erasmus MC Rotterdam and former researcher at the University of Cambridge and Unilever.
      • Martin Hablesreiter, auteur of the book Food Design XL, about the question how to make food look so it is attractive.
      14.15 hrs: Intermission
      14.30 hrs: Brief presentations in Dutch
      • Koen Joosten, paediatrician at the Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital, about the taste-development of children.
      • Aart-Jan van der Lelij, Professor of Clinical Endocrinology at the Erasmus MC, about addiction on sugar and fat.
      • Design & Food, about the link between the two. 
      15.10 hrs: Panel discussion in Dutch
      16.00 hrs: End mini-conference
      16.00 hrs: Start guided tours            
      • Exhibition ‘BioDesign’, About the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity, The New Institute, Museumpark 25 Rotterdam
      • Future Food House,  An exciting vision on the future of our food, Museumpark Rotterdam
      18.00 hrs: Diner ‘There is accounting for tastes’, by Cateringa & Kompanen. Based on deforming the look, texture and smell of food
      20.00 hrs: Start of Discovery Festival Rotterdam, Erasmus MC Education Center & Museumpark

      Tickets are available at the website of Discovery Festival Rotterdam: http://www.discoveryfestival.nl/rotterdam
      Mini-conference : €10,-
      Combiticket mini-conference & diner: €35,- | €20,- (students)
      Combiticket mini-conference, diner & Discovery Festival: €40,- | €25,- (students)
      Diner: €20,- | €15,- (students)

      Photo: Fred Ernst/1
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