1. 31.10.2013, 20:00–21:30
      Bio-hacking, lecture by Ine Poppe and Floris Kaayk

    2. An adventurous evening with footage and talks of artist Floris Kaayk and students of the VIVID Excellence Programme at AKV|St.Joost Breda, biologist and philosopher Ellen ter Gast and scenario writer and moderator Ine Poppe.

    3. When is something alive?
      When can you call a group of cells a living creature?
      What is life?

      Kaayk, Poppe and Ter Gast offer a peek into the engine room of a contemporary DIY-biologist. During a dazzling media-show at the cross-road of art, science and ethics the state of the art of biological research and imagination are discussed.

      We will show footage of biohacker and stem cell researcher C. Vlasmans DIY-bio lab and several extraordinary experiments.

      What do you need to make a living organism in a lab?
      Why do we experiment with stem cells?'

      How to play God yourself?
      C.Vlasman wants to create life. Vlasman experiments with life forms: blobs of flesh and blood. And even bones. You don't need a high-tech lab to live your dream of being a molecular biologist nowadays: as a bio-hacker Vlasman works (beside in an official laboratory) in the garage. With a few hundred quid and some kit, you can play God, albeit with lower organisms -- for now. Or??

      You will see several experiments and hear stories about ethics, politics and get a glimpse of the creation process.

      Practical information:
      Date: Thursday 31 oktober
      Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm
      Venue: Auditorium, Het Nieuwe Instituut. Museumpark 25, Rotterdam
      Admission: Standard 7,50 euro. Students 3,00 euro
      Language: English
      Registration: https://biohacking.eventbrite.nl/

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